Voting is open until May 23 at 10 p.m. EST!

Welcome to the 2019 TeenPact Elections headquarters! Here you’ll find all the details on participating in and experiencing our National Convention Elections. Whether you’re a voter, campaign volunteer, or candidate, we just want to say – welcome, we’re glad you’re here.

Scroll to learn more about the voting process, understand the rules of running for office, and meet the 2019 TeenPact Elections Team!


What are party platforms?

Candidates at National Convention will discuss the topic of energy production and reform. Parties have developed platforms detailing their stance on the continued use of fossil fuels and its long-term environmental impact. Candidates are encouraged to develop their own practical policy solutions detailing the future of fossil fuel consumption and further development and sustainability of alternative energy sources. All individual solutions must align with a party’s overarching beliefs, while they may differ in mode of implementation.

Perseverance Party

The Perseverance Party stands on conservative traditions and is focused on maintaining a stable, yet productive society. Prioritizing domestic initiative, the Perseverance Party believes in a limited national government and having a faithful presence in international affairs.

As the Perseverance Party, we believe the strength of our nation depends on the degree to which we stand together. Toward that end, unity of mission and domestic focus is paramount to the preservation and future of our country. The United States has a largely untapped potential to be an independent source of fossil fuel based energy. With such an opportunity, we should seek to reduce our dependence on nations like Canada and Saudi Arabia. Although current research suggests consuming these resources has negative environmental impact, we believe steps can be taken to combat pollution without completely eliminating a long-used energy source. Especially since efforts to reclaim carbon from the atmosphere show particular promise for the future. Through innovative minds creating smart solutions, we believe our nation can capitalize on the resources within and be an example to the rest of the world. 


The Compassion Party believes in United States based initiatives and boosting the economy through self-stimulating efforts. Yet, they also believe our nation stands within the context of a global community. The Compassion Party affirms, in utilizing domestic talents and resources toward our own success, the overflow can and should be directed to create positive change elsewhere.

As the Compassion Party, we believe the strength of our nation is best witnessed in utilizing the capacity we have been given. It should be our highest aim to balance the heart of America’s interests with environmental restoration. Due to high economic dependency on fossil fuels, we believe in attempts to gradually eliminate its use. Many Americans rely on the energy they produce, despite their environmental effect. Moving forward, we encourage the development of clean energy. Coal plants should be phased out and replaced with natural gas facilities as a cleaner and relatively affordable source of electricity. We also believe in subsidizing the production of electric powered transportation and extending tax credits toward those who purchase electric vehicles. We fundamentally believe that a healthier global ecosystem and affordable energy are not mutually exclusive. Steps can be taken to meet the demands of both our citizens and our world. 


The Vision Party believes in focusing on long-term goals and accomplishing them through creative and reliable means. They are also greatly concerned with humanitarian needs and global prosperity. Our success as a nation is dependent on the stability of the international community at large. Toward that end, the Vision Party is constantly thinking of “Big Picture” objectives and developing strategies that best realize that potential.

As the Vision Party, we believe the strength of our nation is found in long-term pursuits and ethical sustainability. It is our conviction that consuming fossil fuels as a source of energy should be curtailed in light of the growing consequences to the ecosystem worldwide. Actions must be taken to limit its use as a country and rally other nations to follow suit. Swift reform will not be easy. However the long-term well-being of humanity and the planet rely on proper stewardship. Necessity is the mother of invention, and this push to eliminate unclean energy will propel advances in wind, solar, hydropower, and other forms of clean, renewable energy. Extensive resources should be made available for both innovation and implementation. Our world cannot support the environmental side effects of toxic emissions and we must make the shift towards sustainability despite the challenges ahead.



Students attending National Convention get to participate in one of the three political parties at the event: the Vision Party, the Perseverance Party, or the Compassion party. Near the beginning of the week, candidates from each party will get to present in the Primary Open Forums as they seek to secure the vote of their fellow party members. Following the Open Forum, students will vote for the candidates they want to advance into the General Election from their party. Each student will only be allowed to vote for candidates in their own party during the Primary Election. For the complete listing of rules regulating our primary elections, please check out the Election Rules.


Students and parents attending National Convention will have an opportunity to vote onsite in the General Election for any of the candidates that moved past the Primary Election. Information regarding onsite voting procedures will be provided upon arrival at the event.


Alumni of a TeenPact Four Day class who can’t make it to National Convention still have an opportunity to vote in the General Election. Absentee voting will open Wednesday night, May 22, and will close Thursday night, May 23.


why elections?

Why do we spend time and effort on nationwide elections at National Convention? After all, wasn’t that “political stuff” for the State Class? While these elections will incorporate political elements, their purpose goes far beyond mere policy. Ultimately, we hold elections at National Convention because it is an incredible platform for learning leadership! TeenPact is about changing lives to change the world, and we believe a key part of making that happen is equipping young people with the skills necessary to lead well. Whether it’s public speaking, coordinating logistics, organizing a team of supporters, or learning how to brand your campaign, these skills can be honed by managing a national campaign.


First, it’s fun! There’s nothing quite like the challenge and enjoyment of competition, especially when it involves working with people, planning your strategy, and sharing your message!

And speaking of sharing a message, that’s the second reason you should run. Each candidate not only gets to answer questions and share their slogan during the Primary Open Forum, but those that make it to the General Election will have the chance to share their message to the entire National Convention student body! If you have a message on your heart, this is an incredible way to share it with your peers.

And third, you can learn so much from the process! This is an incredible opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and learn the skills it takes to run a national campaign.


When you arrive at NC, you will be given a packet of information about campaigning, including when to attend a candidate meeting. This meeting will give you a thorough overview of what the elections process will look like during the week.

However, you may still be wanting to know more about how to practically prepare your campaign ahead of time before NC starts, so here are some quick tips that you may find helpful:

  1. Consider bringing campaign supplies. Many candidates will create posters and signs with their slogan or logo on it to display across the campus. While not required, this is a great way to boost your name recognition. (Check the “Election Rules” page for more details about displaying materials)

  2. Consider preparing a slogan or message of some kind. During the Primary Open Forum, you will be asked questions and given an opportunity to share some of your thoughts. Having some talking points already thought out could help you be ready for Primaries.

  3. Consider writing your speech for the General Election. Representative and Senatorial candidates who are elected out of the Primary Election will be given the opportunity to present a speech in front of the entire National Convention student body (One minute for representatives and one and half minutes for senators). Having this written ahead of time could be very helpful to your campaign.

  4. Consider purchasing table space in the Elections Hall. The Elections Hall is a popular hangout location at NC and is the onsite “hub” of elections happenings, so having tablespace with your campaign information on it is a great way to spread your name and message.



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